7 Reasons to Elope in Alaska

7 Reasons to Elope in Alaska

Are you one of the many people who has recently decided to elope, but don’t know where your dream destination is? If the mountains and ocean are calling and you need to step out of the hustle and bustle of your life and reconnect with nature and your adventurous heart, all while getting to marry your best friend and true love, Alaska might be the place for you.

You probably know that Alaska is the largest state within the U.S. but people don’t always think of it as a destination wedding spot. Although there are abundant reasons to have your destination wedding here. The list below includes some intriguing as well as practical reasons which will definitely add this place high up on your wedding destination list.

Included here are some of the many perks you can expect by eloping in Alaska, as well as why you should choose Alaska as your elopement destination. When it comes to a destination wedding, everyone out there, of course, wants to choose the best place for their elopement. Alaska is an absolutely spectacular spot and while there are many beautiful locations both in the U.S. and around the world, once you’ve experienced Alaska it’s hard to get over the beauty and wildness here. So, why not combined that with the joy of your special day. Now, let’s move on to the reasons we promised, here’s Why You Should Elope in Alaska.

1. Alaska is One of The Most Beautiful Places to Elope

Unquestionably, Alaska is one of the most beautiful place on earth. You can have your dream destination wedding here. From deep seas to mesmerizing mountains, from rocky beaches to  lush green forests, and from meadows full of wildflowers to blue glacial pools, Alaska itself is packed to the brim full of beauty.

In many places you can visit all these things in one go like in Juneau or Seward. If you’re wanting to explore the interior you can find towering peaks and watch for moose wading in mountain lakes. Or if you are one of those people that really wants to explore there are a few destinations that are both remote and awe inspiring, in the interior there is Wiseman in the Brooks Range and Kennecott in Wrangell-St Elias National Park. If you still want the ocean views along with the exploring you can look into Valdez or Seldovia.

2. You Can Get a Marriage License Very Easily Here  

The process to get your marriage license here is pretty simple, and can be done by submitting an application to the Bureau of Vital Statistics.  There are no restrictions such as blood tests. The fee to get the marriage license here is only $60 and is valid to use for three months after issue.

Also, once you’ve gone through the process of submitting the application and fee, it only takes three business days to prepare your license so the wait time is not extensive. Below I have included a link to the marriage license application. It includes instructions on the process as well.


3. Eloping in Alaska is Pretty Effortless

In order to elope in Alaska, there are no hard and fast rules on how to do it. All you need is to have two witnesses and an officiant. Don’t worry about an officiant, you can hire one here pretty easily, recommendations are available if you want them. The role of the officiant can also be done by any family member or friend as long as they already have an officiant license or want to go online and get one for a minimal fee. If you hire a photographer or videographer they can also count as one of your witnesses, as can a helicopter pilot or a fellow hiker if needed.

4. Alaska is An Ideal Place For Adventures

Alaska attracts adventurous hearts and so regardless of where in AK you get married it’s almost impossible not to be able to find some amazing outdoor adventures within close reach. Just imagine, right after you get married, you can go sea kayaking with your partner, go hiking, rock climbing, or glamping. Also, you might get to see humpback whales or orcas breach on a sea life tour, or go whitewater rafting to a mountain camp under the midnight sun.

You’re probably getting a picture in your head of having all these adventures with your partner. You must be excited to go to Alaska and do all these things anyways now. So, why not put Alaska on the top of your wedding destination list.

5. It is A Perfect Place for Newlywed Couples

Not only is it a beautiful place to get married but it’s a wonderful place to honeymoon. After all the excitement of your ceremony you can be as adventurous or as chill as you want to. You can explore the wilds of Alaska or find a log cabin in the woods to sit and sip your champagne at. Even find a remote lodge on an island and get up in the morning and drink your coffee together while watching the otters or harbor seals pop in and out of the water.

Yes, your day, your time, and your rules. Enjoy your wedding day and honeymoon as much as you want and make it memorable.

6. Alaska Has A Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere for You

You will find Alaska as a most welcoming place for your destination wedding. Alaskan elopements have become more popular in recent years so whether you are looking for a small intimate simple elopement or a wedding designer to add some eloquence to your special day there are people who can help walk you through this process. There are bakeries that make Alaska themed wedding cakes and florists who will help you create your perfect bouquet whether it is wildflowers or the peonies that grow on the farms in Homer, AK in the summer.

7. Beautiful Peaceful Locations with Minimal Crowds

Think about having a mountaintop wedding or saying I do in a meadow full of flowers, with only your beloved to focus on. Alaska has a lot of public use land so it’s fairly easy to find a spot that you can have a beautiful intimate ceremony at, without any crowds or a lot of background noise. You can easily walk 5 minutes off a path and find an epic location or if you want to hike half a day to find that exact majestic view that you’ve always dreamed of having as the backdrop to your wedding, it’s all doable. It’s all about what you want to do.

Alaskan elopement photographers and planners are always exploring and putting in the leg work so you don’t have to, so they will have plenty of suggestions if you are not sure of the best place for you.

To Wrap Up

In the end, eloping and having your dream destination wedding in Alaska comes highly recommended by those who have done it. There are many options and beautiful locations and Alaska might not be for everyone, but if what you have read sparked your interest this might be just the place for you. Eloping in Alaska can be a fulfillment of many of your dreams all rolled into one, as you say I do in an epic location to the man or woman you love with memories to last a lifetime.